Departments at Timeless Variety

Welcome to Timeless Variety, where our dedicated team works collaboratively across departments to bring the best content and services to our clients. Explore our departments below and meet the leaders who drive excellence in each area.

1. Content Department

Purpose: The Content Department is responsible for curating captivating content, managing our social media presence, and creating visually appealing designs that resonate with our audience.

Leader: Eliana Cade – Director of Content


  • Content Curator: Passionate individuals with an eye for engaging and high-quality content.

  • Social Media Manager: Experts in managing our social media platforms and driving engagement.

  • Graphic Designer: Creative minds who bring visual concepts to life through captivating designs.

2. Operations Department

Purpose: The Operations Department ensures the smooth functioning of our business by managing administrative tasks, providing exceptional customer support, and maintaining efficient processes.

Leader: Levi Cade – Director of Operations


3. Marketing Department

Purpose: The Marketing Department focuses on data-driven strategies, analytics, business development, and expanding our reach to maximize our impact in the digital content industry.

Leader: Kellee Cade – Director of Marketing


Internship and Role Creation

At Timeless Variety, we offer internship opportunities for individuals to gain hands-on experience and explore different roles within our company. Additionally, we encourage entrepreneurial spirits to shape their own positions through our unique Role Creation program.

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